Why aaTripTrade?
  • aaTripTrade works for you 24/7. Can you say the same of your service?

  • TTOT and HIBOARD are constantly changing. Good trips open, but go fast.

  • Get an alert on your mobile phone when a trip you want hits TTOT or HIBOARD.

  • Pickup or trade for trips with just a few taps on your phone or tablet.

  • Free to try. No credit card required to register. Absolutely no risk.

  • Don't waste your time trudging through HIBOARD and N4 listings on SABRE. Let aaTripTrade do it for you and be the first one to know about the trips that will improve your quality of life and make you more money.

       Here's what others are saying about aaTripTrade...
Your service is awesome... I have been saying we need something like this for years.
Vicki, LAX

I just wanted to send an e-mail to say that this is the best idea ever.
Darby, LGA

Within my 1st week of using your app, I picked up CDG, BCN & GIG trips... all very senior, but because I received immediate notice from your service once these trips were dropped into HIBOARD, I had first dibs!!! THANK YOU!!!
Ellie, LGA

What a time saver!... Thanks for a great service.
Steve, ORD

Meg, LAX

This is awesome!!!! ... Just wanted to say how wonderful it is to have this service!
Stephanie, DFW

aaTripTrade is an automated system that continuously monitors Flight Attendant HIBOARD and TTOT. In addition to an easy to view listings of TTOT and HIBOARD trips, it can notify you as soon as a trip becomes available. You tell it what kind of trip you are looking for and it does the rest. Trip notifications can be accomplished via emails and/or SMS text messaging to your mobile phone. If you are looking to pick up or trade a trip, there is no longer a need to log into Sabre and search through an N4 or HIBOARD listing. AATT does it for you 24 hours a day! Almost any aspect of a trip can be used as a filter: sequence number, date, departure time, number of days, hours, layover city, etc.

After your free month, the cost of the service is $10 per month, unlimited use. To start using the service, simply fill out the form on the Registration page. A credit card is NOT required to register. You can cancel at any time. AATripTrade is not affiliated with American Airlines or APFA. Read more about our product in the Frequently Asked Questions section.