See the FAQ for info on how to set up the app on your phone or tablet

Login Screen

Login credentials are the same as the main website. Username is your employee number. There is a password reset link on the main web site's login screen if you need it.

Home Page / Navigation

The home screen has quick links to the most frequently used features.

Clicking the AATT logo at the top center of any page will return you to the home screen.

Every page except the home screen has a back button on the top left which will return you to the previous page in the hierarchy.

There is a pull down menu on the top right which allows you to jump directly to any page.

HIBOARD/OpenTime Filters

When you open the HIBOARD or OpenTime pages, you are first presented with a filters page to help narrow down the listings. Filter criteria includes Division, Aircraft and Position. The HIBOARD filters also include the posting type (OE or TT). The Date selection will limit the list to all the sequences that depart ON or AFTER the selected date. Tap the Submit button to list trips.

HINT: If you want to select all Positions (or Aircraft) except one or two, tap the ALL box twice to select all the options, then deselect the ones you don't want.


To contact the Flight Attendant who posted the trip:

iPhone: Tap and hold on the FA's name to bring up the options to call or text them from your phone.

Android: Tap the FA's name to open your phone's dialer screen. From there you can choose to call or text them.

Tap the sequence number to open up the sequence details for that trip. Note that sequence details are from the bid sheet and in some rare cases the sequence may have been changed by Crew Schedule. The information in the listing is real time so compare the departure/return times and the trip value on the listing to the blue sequence details screen to verify they are the same. If they aren't, use the information in the listing and not the blue screen.


Tap the "T-T" button just to the right of each sequence number on the HIBOARD and OpenTime listings to Pickup or Trade with that trip. The Pickup/Trade Options screeen will open.

TTOT Type: You can opt to pickup (OE/PLOT) or Trade with this sequence. In the case of HIBOARD trips, be sure you are complying with the comments/wishes of the FA who posted the trip.

Your Seq: If you select to Trade with this sequence, enter your sequence number and date. If you have recently updated your schedule, you can tap the "My Trips" button to choose the trip from your sequence list.

Leave as: After the transaction is complete, the app will either leave your TTOT status as Authorized (HIY) or Not Authorized (HIN) based on your selection.

Use HTMD: In general, it is recommended to always select YES for this option to have your DFPs automatically moved in the event of conflicts. There are however a few bugs in the TTOT system, so if the transaction fails for a DFP conflict or other DFP problem, you can select NO, then retry the transaction.

TTOT Mode: This will always default to TEST. If you are sure that you want to make the trade/pickup, select LIVE.

Enter your SABRE passcode then tap "Do It" to initiate the transaction. The results will be displayed on the screen.

TripFinders (TFPs)

TripFinders have two functions. They are primarily used to tell the service what trips you want to be notified of via text message and/or email. They can also be used to find specific trips that already exist in HIBOARD and/or OpenTime. The TripFinder page will list a summary of your existing TFPs, as well as provide the options to modify them or create new ones. Each TFP has a HIBOARD and an OpenTime button that will show a listing of the existing trips that satisfy the criteria in the TFP.

Adding/Modifying TFPs

To avoid getting bombarded with unwanted text alerts of new trips in HIBOARD and OpenTime, you should be as specific as possible when creating TFPs. You may be suprised at how many trips pop in and out of the two listings.

When you add a TFP, the system takes a snapshot of existing trips that satisfy the criteria and will not send you alerts for those trips - alerts are only sent for trips that appear in OpenTime or HIBOARD after you save the TFP. To see a list of currently open or posted trips that satify your TFP criteria, see the section above (TripFinders).

My Schedule

Tap the Schedule Updater button to update your current sequences from SABRE.

On the Schedule Updater page, enter your SABRE passcode (NOT your JetNet Password) and click the Update Schedule button. Your phone will log in to SABRE and retrieve your current trips. Once complete, you can return to the My Schedule page to view your trips. The current status (red/green) at the time of the update will be displayed next to each sequence number. To view the sequence details, tap the sequence button.

User Profile

You can change your email address and other settings on the User Profile page. Be sure to tap the Update User Profile button to save your changes.